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utah princess parties
utah tinkerbell party
utah princess parties
utah princess party
utah princess parties
utah princess parties


Tinkerbell reminds us to stay true to who we are and that it's okay to be a little bit sassy.


Tinkerbell's gown was constructed with a goal in mind of creating a unique, original style, while remaining true to her classic look. Made of gorgeous custom-printed leaf-like suede fabric, and decorated with hundreds of tiny glass crystals, Tink shines just like the pixie dust tree! Her signature shoe pom poms are as cute as they come - the cherry on top to her darling ensemble.

Tink is available only in her winter outfit for the months of October-March.


This fairy's wings aren't your typical stretch fabric and wire frame costume wings. They are custom-made by one of the top wing designers in the world! They reflect all of the colors of the rainbow and cast different colors of shadows on the ground, just like magic!

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