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1. What can I expect from your company?

You can expect a high quality performance from your chosen character. Private birthday parties are treated to activities, singing, dancing, and games all included in your chosen package. Those meeting us at public events get to enjoy brief personal interaction and the opportunity to take photos.

2. How do I book?

Click here to be redirected to our booking form. 

3. Do you do charity events?

We do! Please click here for more information.

4. How do I pay?

After you fill out and submit your booking form, an invoice for your total will be sent to the email address that you provide in your form. This invoice can be paid via debit or credit card. Remember that your party is not reserved until your invoice has been paid. We do not accept Venmo, cash, or checks. 

5. What age is best for a princess party?

In our experience, ages 2-6 are usually the best for this type of party. But that doesn't mean ages outside of this range can't enjoy our performances! We do our best to provide an experience that is fun for party goers of all ages.

6. How many kids can I have at my party?

When considering how many children to invite to your party, please remember how difficult it can be for just person to keep a large number of children all entertained for an hour or more. While it is possible, you will definitely get more out of your party experience if you limit the number of children invited to around 10-15.

7. What if I need to cancel?

We don't accept cancellations, however we can reschedule. Please let us know as soon as any scheduling issues arise and we will do our best to accommodate. If you have any more questions, please review our policies.

8. What should I supply?

Don't worry, we'll supply all needed materials for your party! All we ask is that we are provided with a table and a few chairs, as well as a wide open space for us to conduct activities. This will enable us to perform our services to the best of our ability.

9. What are your policies?

Please refer to our policies page, and contact us at if you have any questions.

10. How much should I tip?

While tipping is not required, it is greatly appreciated. Our actresses are highly trained entertainers and if you feel that their performace was exceptional, you are more than welcome to tip whatever you feel is appropriate.

11. How far in advance should I book?

It is best to book about 3-4 weeks in advance. 

It is best to book about 3-4 weeks in advance. The more notice we have, the better. Our characters are in high-demand, so don't miss out - book as early as possible.

12. Why don't you take phone calls?

For your sake as well as our own, we keep all contact in writing. This assures that we fully understand what you expect from us, and that you understand the services we provide. In some circumstances, we are happy to schedule phone calls! If you would like to schedule one, please contact us via the message box on this website, through our Facebook Page, or through our Contact Form. We are quick to respond through these avenues and will eagerly assist you with any questions you may have.

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