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Once Upon a Time. . .

     My name is Rebecca Smith, and I own Northern Utah Princess Parties. I studied Music while in college, and have a great passion for it. I'm a wife, daughter, a sister, a mama to the most beautiful baby boy in the world, a teacher, and a  business owner.


     All my life I have loved fairytales. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting in a makeshift tent in my bedroom, spending hours reading Grimm stories until I fell asleep, only to dream of those same stories. It would seem I was suspended in a state of perpetual wonder.


     Fast forward a few years to when I was given the opportunity to portray Rapunzel in my high school's production of Sondheim's "Into the Woods", and my fascination with the enchanted forests of Grimm and Andersen began to run wild. All my life I had read these stories, but I had always existed outside of their realm, just a silent onlooker from a different time. Into the Woods was my first experience with theatre, my first opportunity to step outside of myself, to study and ultimately become another character. How fitting that such a turning point in my life was wholly centered around the Grimm stories I held so dear! 


     The Grimm Brothers' tale of Rapunzel was one that I had always known, it being 

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such a classic, but never before had I loved that flaxen-haired maiden in a tower like I loved her then. Rapunzel inspired so many of my decisions throughout the rest of my high school career and has continued to in the years that have passed since my graduation.


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     I was given the opportunity in that same production to make a handful of the costumes. My mom taught me how to sew when I was very young, and it seemed like she often had to fight tooth and nail to keep me out of her (massive) fabric stash. My freshman year of college, I found myself without a regular job, and was hired to make a few costumes by a local cosplayer. After successfully fulfilling our deal, I thought that maybe this was something I could do for a while and for more people. Thus, I began commissioning costumes full time.


     A few months into success, I had become acquainted with the online "princess party" community. I noticed a lack of businesses of the type in my city, and after months of research, I opened Northern Utah Princess Parties. 


    My company came from very, very humble beginnings with just a handful of performers, just four characters, and low/moderate grade costumes and wigs. I will be the first to admit that, but that makes me all the more thrilled with how far my company has come and for the growth we have ahead of us.


     But it isn't even close to being only my creation. I get to have the word "owner" stamped next to my name, but I don't feel that's fair to the armies of people I have had standing beside me and working just as hard as I have. 

     To my performer Windy, who listens to my frustrated ramblings, tells it like it is, and willingly offers up her talents not only as an actress and a singer but also as a quasi-assistant when I need some an extra hand in the sewing room.

     To my dear, beloved parents who have dealt with my borderline insane love of fairytales since I was a tiny child and put up with the semi-havoc all of the fabrics, costumes, and wigs sometimes inflicted upon our home. 

    To my unbelievably inspiring older sister, Lara, who has not once left my side for 20 years and has been an unshakeable pillar of wisdom, light, and love.

    To my best frien Becca Christiansen, who is unfailingly available whenever I need somebody to lean on. 
     To my honorary siblings Sarah and David for rushing to mine and NUPP's aid as soon as they are needed.

     To my late best friend Megan Jayne Czech who was my rock for 10 years. She was the personification of happiness and of sunshine, and not once did she allow me to doubt myself.

     To my friend, photographer, and performer Daniel, who is the most talented and kindest person I know, for helping me whenever I ask for it and never failing to be somehow simultaneously sassy and compassionate.

    To my wonderful husband, who not only tolerates all of the glitter, hairspray, loud sing-alongs, boisterous impromptu living room performances, and more... but somehow fully embraces and supports them.

    To all of my mentors in the music department while I pursued my studies, for always having an encouraging word to spare and for being the most talented yet humble bunch of individuals I have ever been fortunate enough to know. 
     It seems I could go on forever, but lastly I must mention all of YOU. For being kind, motivational, compassionate, and genuine. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be blessed with half of what I do. You truly are the biggest blessing.


    To you I owe the biggest thank you in the world.



     My mission, and the mission of my performers and crew, is to inspire young minds to create and embrace their own hidden magic. To instill belief in the world's potential to be anything they can imagine.


     Let your imagination be your guide, and you can achieve anything.

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