Frozen Christmas: $65 $50

December 21st

Your ticket includes:

  • Two princesses

  • 20 minutes of interaction

  • A Christmas-themed sensory craft - to keep!

  • A small box of candy

  • Memories for life!

These visits are limited to Davis and Weber Counties ONLY. Davis County visits will take place between 10AM and 3PM on December 21st. Weber County visits will take place between 4PM and 8PM. We will be scheduling based off of location, thus, your exact time slot will not be decided until December 14th, or by December 20th if booked after the 14th. You will be emailed your time to confirm.



- Please remember that as in years past, Christmas Visits are strictly not offered for birthday parties. If our characters find upon arrival that the Visit has been booked for a birthday party, they will leave without completing the visit and without refund. We will not make exceptions.

- The nature of these visits dictates that we cannot guarantee a specific time upon booking. Your time will be confirmed with you by December 14th via email, or by Decemer 20th if booked after the 14th.

- Traffic is unpredictable, especially as we drive all over 2 counties in less than 12 hours. As such, please prepare for the potential of the characters being up to 20 minutes early or late.

- Characters must be provided with a clean, flat surface (table or hard floor space) to do the craft.

- Please leash ALL pets away from the characters. While we love fuzzy friends... potential allergic reactions are no fun!

- Your booking is strictly non-refundable.